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In Dirt We Trust

September 2016 – Houston, Texas 

Photo by Vasiliki Papacharalampous @ Buffalo Bayou Park – Blog post ‘Reflect’ 

 “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” 

 John Muir



August 2014 – Sedona, Arizona

Photo taken by Vasiliki Papacharalambous

Sedona’s a stunner, but it’s intensely spiritual as well – some even say sacred. Nestled amid striking red sandstone formations, Sedona attracts spiritual seekers, artists and healers, as well as day-trippers from Phoenix trying to escape the oppressive heat. Many New Age types believe that this area is the center of vortexes that radiate the Earth’s power, and Sedona’s combination of scenic beauty and mysticism draws throngs of tourists year-round.