The Acropolis of Athens

March 2015 – Thiseio, Athens

Photo taken by Vasiliki Papacharalambous


Put the best of science, art and philosophy together in one creation and you have the definitive monument of human civilisation.
UNESCO calls it the symbol of World Heritage. The world calls it the Athenian Acropolis.
The photo was captured at Thiseio where the metro station is, a neighborhood in downtown Athens; its name derives from the Temple of Hephasteus, also known as Τhiseio, as it was, in earlier times, considered a temple of Thesues.
Athens is a memorable place for me, attached with sweet and special memories of my youth.
It’s the place where I grew up and matured as a person. It’s the place where I have successfully completed my studies in Economic at AUEB, the leading economic and business university in Greece, ranked in the 15th place among 500 European universities based on a research carried out by the german magazine Der Spiegel and in the 76th place worldwide in the field of economics according to the Journal of Econometric Theory.



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