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January 2015 – Souk Madinat, Dubai
Photo taken by Vasiliki Papacharalambous

Using reflectionsin photography can lead to some amazing effects and beautiful images. Using water, windows, mirrors or any sort of reflective surface can change an image into a work of art. The reflection of Burj Al Arab, the seven-star rated hotel in Dubai is a good example of reflective photography.

Truth is, there’s no such thing as a seven-star establishment; you can’t officially go higher than five. The Burj Al Arab’s seven-star rating may be an urban myth that got out of hand, but nothing dominates the Dubai skyline and tourists’ imagination quite like it.

The picture was captured during our visit at Souk Madinat – a recreated traditional souk – part of the massive Madinat Jumeirah resort which comprises of narrow alleyways and relaxing courtyards boast around 75 open-shuttered shops and galleries, a great selection of bars and restaurants.


Gold Spice Souk


January 2015 – Gold Spice Souk, Dubai

Photo taken by Vasiliki Papacharalambous

When the high tech merges with religion and tradition … you have Dubai. Either side of Dubai Creek lie Dubai’s oldest and most charming souks, the Spice Souk and Gold Souk in Deira. The abra at the entrance to the Textile Souk in Bur Dubai takes you straight to the Spice Souk in Deira, where you can enjoy looking at the wooden dhows at the quayside and discover the amazing variety of goods that are waiting to be loaded.

Horseshoe Bend


August 2014 – Glen Canyon, Arizona

Photo taken by Vasiliki Papacharalambous

The view of Horseshoe Bend from the rim of the Glen canyon is extraordinary. You’ll need a wide-angle lens to get the entire scene in your picture. If you find the height a little daunting, try lying down on the ground and looking over the edge that way. It gives you a much better sense of security. Below you, the Colorado River makes a wide sweep around a sandstone escarpment.