Prism of Light

IMG_0686.JPG August 2014 – Wyoming, Yellowstone Park

Photo taken by Vasiliki Papacharalambous

Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest and one of the most brilliant of Yellowstone’s many colorful hot springs. The high temperature of its water (70°C) ensures that the spring is often cloaked in steam. Deep beneath us, magma from an active volcano heats water that rises to the surface through fissures in the rocks. The result is a hot spring that pours hot water into the Firehole River. The yellow, orange, and brown colors encircling the hot spring are caused by thermophiles (heat-loving microorganisms also captured in ‘Living color’ photo).

According to some scientist, if this supervolcano erupts, It could blast 240 cubic miles of ash, rocks and lava into the atmosphere, rendering about two-thirds of the nation immediately uninhabitable and plunge the world into a “nuclear winter.” While most scientists believe the probability of a major eruption is very small, there are signs that have some analysts worried….


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